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tv   Channel 7 News at 430PM  FOX  February 1, 2016 4:30pm-5:00pm EST

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at 4:30 is straight ahead. >> and now at 4:30, a high school stunner. students arriving to find parts spray paint. we're talking about gay slurs written on the doors and the walls of the schools. >> lynn: and now they're trying to find out who is behind it. sheldon fox has more from the ranches. >> reporter: the school is tagged inside with hate and nasty things, and let's takak it
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videos that we have for you. we're not going to show you all that was spray painted on the walls of the school, but you get the picture as question explain it. archbishop mccarthy high school in southwest ranches is where we are now. it was seen gossip and photographs posted to social media, and we see nasty images all the way around with lewd messages. it has the davely police investigating vandalism, and many of the police suspected that it had to do with anger be possibly from aival high school. the schooler officials would be talk about the gay slurs and images of private parts and graffiti on the walls. but it had been cleaned up and they're trying to find out who was responsible. listen to what the reaction is of the ks that we met today. >> it was something stupipi over a basketball game. >> as soon as i walked into the
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some of it was covered up. but it was on social media, a lot of inappropriate pictures of body parts. >> they're blaming this on sour grapes, and be possibly sore losers from a school in miami-dade county. but there's no way to confirm that. we have pictures from t t davy police, surveillance video on all the of this. do you know who might have come in overnight and spray-painted these thihis? if so, call broward crimestoppers. 954-493-tips. collect cash maybe for the anonymous tip. and the cops collect cash the legal way too. sheldon fox, 7 news. >> danielle: all right, sheldon, thank you. and a big of bustt on the high seas. four suspects taken into custody and transferred over to federal authorities after the u.s. coast guard seized their boat off much the florida keys. the guard tweeting these photos,
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cocaine, which at wholesale values at $28 million. and in the west end, a student was struck in the street. a boy was actually riding his bike to school at westridge drive and pond circle when he was hit by a car. the driver did remain on the scene, while he was airlift to the hospital. and though he suffered injuries, threatening. >> voters in iowa getting ready to take sides in tonight's caucuses. they're going to give us a better idea of who is really ahead. >> danielle: many in the country are not sure how the iowa caucuses work. nicole linsilata breaks it down from de moines. >> we would like to get started. >> i would like to call this
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>> if you're caucusing as a republican, if you wouldn't mind filing i and taking your seat. >> we're calling this democratic caucus to order. >> reporter: but this the real thing yet. just a mach caucus to show how it works. because it seems more complicated. >> make everything more confusing. >> reporter: it's easy to get confused. republicans and democrats do it differently. on theepublican side, tips and then they fill out the piece of paper. >> oncep voted, return it to the secretary. >> then the votes are counted and a winner for that caucus site.
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a lot of engagement. >> reporter: the democrats divide themselves into groups, each supporting a different candidate. so if you like martin o'malley, you caucus with his supporters. she's voting democratic, but hasn't decided on the candidate. >> it goes away and then no one cares about iowa anymore. so it's a lot of pressure. >> she's caucusing with hilliary clinton supporters. >> i think that hillary is so deep in the establishment that i don't know if she really wants to change things or just wants to be president. >> she's caucusing with bernie sanders. she o'know, time is running out. >> reporter: this is what makes the democratic caucus so interesting. and so much pressure from friends and roommates to get their friends to vote another way. >> one of my roommates here, is over here and the other here,
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going to be mad. >> hundreds will be gathering in caucus sites across the state. and we we should have a better idea of how the election cycle of 2016 is going to shape up. reporting from de moines, iowa, nicole linsilata, 7 news. >> danielle: now it's time to download the 7 news voice your choice app. it's free for your smart phone or tablet. >> lynn: going across country, a high-speed police chase in georgia on a collision course as a car slams into three people. it started as a man stole an suv from atlanta, and the wanted suspect crashing into a car at an intersection before taking off on foot. a woman a her two grandchildren inside all losing their lives.
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>> we saw the car coming down the street, mindingng their business, and all of a sudden, i saw the black car run the stop sign righth here and hit them. t-boned them. >> lynn: one of the victims was thrown from the car by the impact of the crash, and the police are looking for the driver. >> danielle: a pair of hot wheels near a jewish center in tennessee. they ud to transport the elderly and bring meals to senior citizens as well. they are calling it a hat crime, and the fbi is investigating. >> lynn: and a dangerous drive in california as severe weather continues to battle part of the state. traffic held at a standstill near los angeles after reports of accidents. one car flipping over a side railing, and the driver said that it was not expected. >> it started snowing out of nowhere, i didn't know it was
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of days. bad. we had fun for one hour, and then we got stuck in the snow. we were stuck for like four hours. >> lynyn meantime in it san diego, a massive 80-foot tree falling, killing a driver, so far 150,000 people are said to be without power. very strange. >> danielle: coming up from your news station, a teenager couldn't be happier to be back in school today. >t has been a good relief. it has been a long time since i've seen thehe so i'm just happy. >> danielle: a long road back for this young survivor after coming under fire. >> lynn: and a popular chain getting word from the cdc following health concerns at its restaurants. >> danielle: and a young girl
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thousandsp miles to the miami dolphins. >> phil: takak a look at this cloud shift, coming out of the east and then they stop and start moving to the north. that is a good sign that all of this rainfall and cloudiness will move away tonightnd tomorrow.
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the entire outlook in mines. >> danielle: a young girl finally home from the hospital
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freak accident. it happened in utah while she was rollerskating. a man accidentally falling on top of her and ended up fracturing her skull. >> lynn: her story even capturing the attenti of the miami dolphins. >> reporter: taten timothy is back home. this little six-year-old girl wiwi an amazing story to tell. >> how much do you love your brother? >> so much. >> reporter: she was recovering from a skull fracture with swelling on the brain. her family watching helplessly as a skater knocked her over and fell on top of her in utah. this happened after christmas last year, and the doctors survive. >> they didn't know if she would maket, or how well she would be. >> reporter: her story making it
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she got a get well message from her favorite player, her favorite teammven sent this care package with signed memorabilia a.d a handwritten note. >> she was excited when we told her. you could see it in her eyes. >> reporter: her father spoke to her in the hospital. >> unimaginable. >> reporter: the amazing turn in taten's tale a week after she went to the hospital. she opened her eyes and defied the odds. >> they it told us that she might need a walker for a year or so, and prod her wrong. the hand-eye coordination is not going to be great proved her wrong. >> reporter: so taten gets her christmas presents at home in utah. >> sign your name if you come and see taten. >> reporter: she doesn't remember the freak accident, and her eye is still healing from the fall. and as for her parents, they
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who tell o their daughter. >> accidents happen and the way that he jumped down and held her instantly is more than i could ask. >> reporter: a brave little girl, taten should start homeschooling this week, and doctors s that they should be able to return to her class by march. >> danielle: lucky little girl, and brave too. >> lynn: very brave. >> danielle: ahead from th news station, iconic -- >> lynn: i told you earlier, i missed it, and i was so sad. butt i caught a little bit of it. >> danielle: in case you missed it as well, we're going to take another look at grease live. >> lynn: and i'll be watching that. the stars of an upcoming movie
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vliet. >> phil: it was a aet start to the work week across south florida. and key west, near-record rain, an inch and a half. and miami, better than half an inch, and fort lauderdale, under 1 ch of rain, under mostly cloudy. and right now, most of the cloudiness is moving out and temperatures in the 70s. 75 in mikasuki. and pembroke pines and fort lauderdale. key west, 78 . and the pressure is steady. the winds out of the east between 8 and 9 miles per hour. and the humidity, 88%. so the stormtracker, most of the rain has moved offshore, and now
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bahama island. and bimini getting a little bit of rain, but most of that is long gone. just a c cple of lingering showers across the coastal waters. here's the big view. we have one front making its way out to the middle atlananc states here, and then there's this big mess with a trailing front. this front should move in over us sometime by the end of the work week. muggy tonight, maybe a littl bit of haze. by tomorrow, a little b b of low pressure moving in, and it should be much drier, warmingng up, highs in the low 80s, and then by wednesday, the front starts to knock at the door across the panhandle. and it should be over us with a better chance of rain, and hopefully the temperatures coming back down to where they should be for this time of year. 15 knot winds, biscayne bay, light chop. for@ you in the florida keys, 50 knot winds, seas inside the
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next high tide, dade and coastal waters, 5:00 in the morning, and for new the keys, 78 . tonight, clouds will continue to cledr out, overnight lows in the warm side. temperatures in the mid to upper 60s to low 70s. what's typical, 61 . and for tomorrow, the average high is 76, 77, and look at that, in the low to mid0s. wind out of the east. we should see plenty of sunshine. here's the extend outlook. warm wednesday and thursday, a better chance for showersn friday, and then the temperatures come back down to near seasonal values, at least until the early part of next week. that's your 7-on-7 forecast. >> lynn: thank you, phil. blind athletes having a ball and training for the paralympics. silence is golden, and that's because the goal in this game is to hear the ball and play. donovan campbell has it.
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high-level in any sport is hard enough, and adding a blindfold is another level. >> no matter what acute you have. >> sock soccer for the blind. >> it's all audio based and tactile. >> i got it. relax. >> reporter: it was created after world war ii to rehabilitate veterans who losos their vision. the game is played 3 on 3, and the objective is to get the ball past your opponents. the idea is to get it from going through by any means necessary. >> everybody has a purpose n. blocking the ball. >> reporter: the balls are thrown at speeds nea50 miles per hour. and since the athletes use every inch of their bodies guarding the goal line, protection js a
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>> we get hit really hard. >> your chest, midsection, all of that is exposed. >> burns up and down your midsection. building eye. >> for guys, it's a requisite, you have to have a cup. >> reporter: while most olympic sports with adaptive of olympic events, goal ball is an exclusive entity. >> the game stays the same for me, so i love it. >> reporte to maintain a level playing field, blind fields are worn in the sport of goal balal giving everyone a fair shot in the bark. >> reporter: they are thankful for a sport that gives them an athletic identity. >> this is the sport for us, and we don't need vision f f this. all we needs are our ears and our athletic ability. >> reporter: donovan campbell, 7 news. >> reporter: hello again, i'm it crcrg stevens, a south florida
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a homeowner talks to us about the damage left behind. the caucuses, the final pitch to the voters, and we're live in de moines. and a mosquito virus linked
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worry. >> danielle: well, this is 7 news at 4:30. thank you sl much for watching. i'm danielle knox.
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7 news at 5:00 starts right now. >> now on 7 news. >> phil: a rain nay start for our workweek here in s. b b now the rain is moving out. what can we expect next? >> craig: the nasty weather a real home wrecker when a tree comessrashing in. voters in iowa getting ready to weigh in on the 2016 presidential race. we're live in des moines. a mosquito born virus now a global emergency. and a driver hitting the brakes but that wouldn't be what stopped him. >> i'm craig stevens. >> belkeys: i'melkeys nerey. 7 news continues now at 5:00. >> this is 7 news at 5:00. >> oirks off the top at 5:00. soak start to the workweek as mother nature makes monday a messy one. >> belkeys: parts of south florida storm struck. a strike from the sky sending a tree crashing into a home. >> craig: live look outside our 7 news studios. it looks as though we are drying up for the night. hello again and good evening
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south florida in a haste for must day. >> belkeys: but things appear to be clearing out as we head into the evening. chief meteorologist phil ferro is live in the weather center with more on this for us. phil. >> phil: all right belkeys and craig, here are the headlines. a drier he evening across south florida. dotted showers across biscayne bay but most of the the heavy rain is done. by tomorrow a sunny cuss. should be bebutiful. the temps will get warmer and then another front could november in by the end of next week. here's the storm tracker. right now a couple of of dotted showers just offshore. most of the heavy activity has been moving in close to b bini and aiming for grand ba ma island. today. key west, almost an inch and a hall. better thaha an inch and a thished in homestead. under one in fort lauderdale. west kendall and in miami. so as that rain exitsts tomorrow, we will start to warm ups as high pressure builds in but then
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